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Learn new skills with marketing challenges for each month of the year. These challenges are designed to help you increase your marketing skills in a variety of areas including:

-Creating your unique selling proposition

-Maximizing your website effectiveness

-Using quizzes

-Creating collaborations to increase your audience

-How to create the perfect Black Friday offer

-and more!

Business competition is fierce! Especially around the major holidays. Many businesses think they have to constantly grind out new products or discount their products or services to gain a competitive advantage. But there are a surprising number of opportunities every month to bring attention to your business. As a member, you will get reminders so you never miss an opportunity.

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You're not sure what to do with the marketing reminders? No problem. Each month a Marketing Inspiration video is added to provide ideas. Five events are drawn and paired with five businesses so you have a variety of practical examples.

You are also given the opportunity to enter your business in the monthly drawing to be used as one of the marketing inspiration examples.

Have you ever invested a lot of resources into a project just to find out that it's not converting? Live feedback can help you avoid wasting time and resources and to fix small mistakes that make a big difference.

Are you working on a new website? Get feedback.

Are you creating a new offer? Get feedback.

Ready to start and ad campaign? Get feedback.

Unsure about pricing? Get feedback.

Making these decisions alone is exhausting. You don't need to do that anymore. As a Connection Member of The Pulse you are part of a community of small business owners who get it! Tap into that shared knowledge and move your business forward.

On the schedule you choose (every week, bi-weekly, or monthly) you will be matched with another member and given a guide so you know what to expect during your meeting. Then it's up to you to connect and provide genuine feedback.  Start your free trial of the Connection plan to check it out!

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Move your business forward every month by...

Participating in monthly challenges

Joining Live Q&A's 

Accessing free training

Connecting 1:1 with other members

Accessing Marketing support

Creating Collaborations

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Commit to move your business forward every month

  • Monthly challenges

  • Free training

  • Community interaction

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    Connect with small business owners to meet, encourage, and share feedback.

  • 1:1 Meetings with other members

  • Control frequency (Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly)

  • Work around your busy schedule

  • Access to our meeting tools

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    Increase your marketing game with monthly support and new connections.

    • Monthly marketing reminders

    • Collaboration opportunities

    • Live Q&A's

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    • Who is this community for?  

    • The community was built for small business owners who are want to grow their business, are tired of trying to figure everything out on their own, and are interested in building a support system.

    • How hard is it to cancel my free trial?  

    • You have full control within our system. You just need to click on your image to access your account settings, select "Billing" and click "Cancel Subscription".

    • I'm tired of getting so many emails and notifications.  Will I be bombarded with content?

    • You can control that within your settings. You can choose if you want to be notified via email, mobile app, or desktop app. You can choose what you want to be notified about and if you prefer a weekly digest, live notifications, or something in between.